Mayor and deputy mayor of the City of Koprivnica have visited entrepreneurs at Enter Koprivnica Ltd. and the construction site of the new Incubator od Creative Industries

On Monday, January 21. 2019., Mayor of the City of Koprivnica, Mišel Jakšić with his deputy Ksenija Ostriž, continued their visits and working meetings with city institutions and companies. On that occasion, he visited the entrepreneurs located in the premises of the Enter Koprivnica Ltd.. Except the deputy mayor of the City of Koprivnica Ksenija Ostriž, the working meeting was attended by Martina Mak, Director of the Enter Koprivnica Ltd. and entrepreneurs who use the Enter Koprivnica’s building for their business premises. The Director of Enter Koprivnica Ltd. pointed out that in 2018. eight new entrepreneurs opened an office in the Incubator, while there were 5 to 6 additional inquiries for space, which unfortunately did not exist in the existing building of Enter Koprivnica Ltd.. The construction of the new Creative Industries Incubator will provide space for all interested entrepreneurs in the IT and creative industries.

- Troday’s Incubator is too small for us and that there’s a lot of interest in the premises of the new Incubator, it tells us about the abilities and proactive ideas and methods that you found your place under the entrepreneurial sun and that Koprivnica is slowly but surely moving forward. What lies ahead is a new suite of entrepreneurship incentive measures to give you stronger backup - said the mayor when addressing entrepreneurs.

Following a meeting at the existing Incubator, the mayor of the City of Koprivnica, accompanied by a deputy mayor, director of the Enter Koprivnica Ltd. and other associates, visited the site of the new Incubator, which is expected to be completed this fall. It is an investment worth almost HRK 14 million and is 100% funded through the European Regional Development Fund. Expressions of interest for space rental are received by April 30. 2019. at this link ( business- space-in-new-incubator-creative -industry /), and premises of size from 13.70 to 38.65 square meters can be rented at a subsidized price of HRK 7,50 to HRK 30,00 per square meter, depending on the age of the company.


25 01/2019
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