Encouraging entrepreneurship

Creative incubator

Enter Koprivnica Ltd. is an business support organization whose role is stimulating entrepreneurial climate in the city of Koprivnica and create conditions for easier growth and development of newly established companies.

Place of knowledge and experience sharing and place for all those with entrepreneurial ideas.

Enter Koprivnica Ltd. manages the Dravska Entrepreneurship Incubator and the Creative Industries Incubator and aims to foster entrepreneurship based on new technologies while providing space for the development of business ideas as well as providing advisory services in all aspects of the business.

Innovation centre

Through free education, networking, creating project proposals, networking with higher education institutions, providing a motivating space equipped with state-of-the-art equipment we want to provide quality content that will entrepreneurs benefit.

With the help of experts and mentors with entrepreneurial skills we organize conferences, workshops, hackathons and promotions.

Contact us on 048 222 338 or

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