Incubated companies

Creative Industries Incubator

ECS Eurocomputer Systems d.o.o.

Designing, engineering and consulting

ECS provides designing, engineering, consulting, education and developing of IT systems. On a project basis, it delivers complete solutions for IT systems, from application solutions to complex networks, communication and distributed systems. 

GIS d.o.o.

Certification, inspection and training

GIS d.o.o. is specialized in the implementation of certification, inspection and training services according to international ISO standards. We are authorized to perform certification services in Croatia, Bosnia, SLO, SRB, MNE, while we provide inspection services for global corporations such as Speedo, Nike, Dior, Gucci, Benetton and others.

Kreativna točka

Advertising and services craft

A creative tim involved in design of visual idnetities, web designing, running social networks, interiror design and renting music equipment.

TestDome d.o.o.

Internet testing platform

TestDome d.o.o. develops an Internet testing platform with external partners, tests content (questions and texts) and offers customers a candidate testing service on recruitment. The service is delivered in the form of software as a service (software -as-a-service - SaaS), which is a model in which the software, fully available for application, is not located at the user's location and is not purchased but rented. Customers are exclusively English-speaking businesses, as the platform itself and its content are in English.

Wrhovski d.o.o.

Marketing and sales consulting

Marketing and sales consulting firm founded in 2011 that seeks to improve the business of interested SMEs with a professional and responsible approach and concrete solutions. For more information on services and collaboration opportunities with the Supreme Team, visit our website.

Amondi Media

Digital design agency

Creative media & IT development agency specializing in digital design. We design and develop results-oriented web design solutions, develop innovative applications and software, provide strategic marketing for start-ups and SMEs.

Marisha Studio d.o.o.

Digital agency

Digital agency that offers creative solutions in social networking, digital illustration, photography and video recording, web design and digital marketing.

Beyond Pines

Filmmaking craft

Filmmaking craft of Dinko Simac. The primary activity is writing, directing and editing music videos, commercials and short films.

Photo Adria j.d.o.o.

Photography company

Photography company. We take photos of families, couples, weddings, baptisms and all other festive occasions. Our style is a combination of documentary and artistic photography.

Dravska Entrepreneurship Incubator

Wrhovski d.o.o.

Marketing and sales consulting

Marketing and sales consulting firm founded in 2011 that seeks to improve the business of interested SMEs with a professional and responsible approach and concrete solutions. For more information on services and collaboration opportunities with the Supreme Team, visit our website.

Autentik d.o.o.

Holistic approach to life

Brings together various activities to promote a holistic approach to life, health, self-realization and self-actualization. The company is divided into two branches - Autentik spirit and Autentik trade & catering.

NANODIY d.o.o.

Printing technology

Company for production, development and sale of textile printing technology.

Marcus logistika d.o.o.


Was established with the aim of providing easy and reliable transportation on the international and domestic markets.

Pobis d.o.o.

Production and sale

Pobis is a specialized company from Koprivnica with many years of experience in the production and sale of grinding and polishing materials, equipment and tools.

Ecomission d.o.o.

Safety and protection

Company involved in occupational safety, fire protection, environmental protection and civil protection. The EcoMission College has been established within the company, which implements various training programs.

Sana delikatese d.o.o.

Food industry

Sana delikatese combine Mediterranean cuisine and flavors of spices from different parts of the world through spreads, side dishes and desserts of unique taste and rich nutritional values.

TH projekt d.o.o.

Designing and expert supervision

Designing (preparation of project documentation: conceptual design, main design, execution design, design of the completed state and a snapshot of the existing state) and expert supervision over the execution of thermotechnical (mechanical) installations, which includes the installation of gas, heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and technological installations of various residential, commercial and manufacturing facilities.

Euro Toner d.o.o.

Retail and wholesale

A modern retail and wholesale company, certified by Microsoft Registred Refurbisher and Hewlett Packard Business Partner and Dell Technologies Authorized Partner.

Luna Safety d.o.o.

Safety and protection

Providing services in the fields of occupational safety, fire protection and environmental protection. A young company with great ambitions, fully committed to providing quality services to its clients.


Teaching, publishing and production

Teaching, publishing and production craft. It is a center for supporting childhood and parenting, which, through individual, group and joint work with children and adults, emphasizes the promotion of socio-emotional development.

Studio Julijana

Beauty and cosmetics

Crafts for nail and eyelash mounting services. In addition to the aforementioned craft, it offers makeup and Japanese eyebrow designing services.

JIT Logistika


By modern just in time organization of business processes in the context of B2B concept, we are promoting distribution networks of logistics centers in the information sense. We offer a wide range of services and know-how, and are predominantly focused on partnerships such as the promotion of telecommunications services and the promotion of television productions.


Design, publishing and manufacturing

Design, publishing and manufacturing craft. It offers the production of unique and personalized products (picture books for children and adults, posters, puzzles, invitations, etc.), graphic design and prepress services (creation of logos, business cards, leaflets, brochures, etc.) and creative solutions for the performing arts.

Polgrad d.o.o.


Specializes in construction work. From different PE materials we make underground chambers for different purposes, containers for liquid and bulk media, sanitizing and lining water tanks.

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