Through the VET Schools Partnership Network project, students from Germany were given the opportunity to meet incubated entrepreneurs.

On January 29. 2019. the Enter Koprivnica Ltd. hosted students and teachers from the City of Bad Mergentheim (Baden Württemberg county). The visit was organized as part of the project "VET Schools Partnership Network". The project is jointly implemented by the European Foundation for Education (EFE), as project manager, Kolping Bildung organization from Germany and Knowledge at Work from Croatia, together with three schools from Croatia. One of the three schools is Koprivnica High School, where professors Mario Latin and Tamara Martić have been involved in this project.

Except learning about the local culture, landmarks, and attending classes, students from Germany are developing a seminar paper on "The education system and the labour market", where they will compare two education systems and opportunities for students to enter the labour market both in Germany and Croatia. The purpose of the project is to promote vocational education and to prepare Croatian vocational school students as much as possible for the labour market according to good practice examples from Germany.

As part of their stay in Koprivnica, 10 students and two teachers visited the Enter Koprivnica, where entrepreneurs from Marisha studio, Codebox and Light Bulb Creativity presented their work. Since the Incubator is a place where entrepreneurs are engaged in various activities, students have used this opportunity to get to know their work and see how businesses develop in incubators, how they cooperate with each other, what are the benefits of operating in an incubator. Entrepreneurs who introduced themselves to guests from Germany come from the IT and creative industries, and these are the areas where young people show the greatest interest. The students had many questions related to business, business startups, market success and competition issues. Enter Koprivnica is happy to work with high schools and the University to promote and strengthen entrepreneurship in Koprivnica, so it will continue to work to connect entrepreneurs and educational institutions.

29 01/2019
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