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Enter universe

Enter universe has 100 seats in 250 m2 of space, with two projection screens and three TVs with the possibility of presenting presentations, promo videos, commercials, etc. from USB. A 'Gameing' corner with PlayStation console and VR accessory and broadband Internet access up to 200/200 Mbps (Wifi or wired) are available to users of this space.

Ideal space for conferences, workshops, promotions...
  • 100 seats
  • Broadband internet speeds up to 200/200 Mbps
  • two projection screens and three TVs
  • possibility to use the kitchen

Optional: booth, two projectors, dual speaker system, mixer and wireless microphones, presentation computer (laptop). The possibility of partitioning with glass wall and conversion into a smaller conference room with projection screen, projector, 12 seats.

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