RegionArts Virtual Exchange of Experience 06

Although partners were excited to see Finland the situation with COVID-19 changed plans. The last Exchange of Experience of RegionArts was somewhat different but in a good way! Since we couldn’t all get together in the same space and time zone, we decided to support the ICT part of RegionArts slogan and turn the last exchange of experience in an online get to together.

Condensed in two days the remote exchange of experience unveiled the so famous Action Plans. Start early the discussion on how to move from ideas to actions since these approaches are an important tool for providing insights into the outcomes of the learning process. And even though a template for the Action Plan is provided by the Interreg Programme we know the best course is to adapt it to our own project partner’s needs, from the overall design to the chosen language!

So, besides brainstorming with local stakeholders how to link each region AP to the RegionArts project and the previous learning process (exchange of experiences and the good practices from the other partners) the consortium also study their region challenges and had to envision a way to purposely react to them. In separate “rooms” RegionArts partners reviewed their challenge/purpose and the needs of the region to later present them to the whole consortium.

Slowly but steady the backbone of RegionArts Action Plans are being constructed. We’ll make sure to keep you updated in the following months.

Region Arts (Enhancing SME growth through the integration of Artists in ICT projects) was funded through the INTERREG EUROPE program. The project involves 8 partners from 7 countries, and the project value is € 1,635,670.00.


03 04/2020
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