In order to share knowledge, encourage collaboration and connect, on 20 February 2020 was held DevCafe #1.

Successful entrepreneurs shared their knowledge about recruitment developers and what are the challenges for freelancers.

Nenad Horvat from TestDome d.o.o. introduced us to a special tool that assist in the selection and testing of candidates in the recruitment process. That special tool is tailored to each user and help them to save time and money in the recruitment process. It includes the whole process of developers recruitment, inviting candidates to the test, the process of testing candidates and last but not least, the interview itself.

Daniel Sokač from Mobilio craft introduced us with freelancing platforms, everyday challenges that freelancers face in Croatia, how their workday look like and with the positivities and negativities of the freelancing.

These were the topics of the first DevCafe event that interested everyone gathered and encouraged them to discuss.

Director of the Enter Koprivnica Martina Mak: "DevCafe is another event that we have recognized as an opportunity to share knowledge and help in the digital transition of companies with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of their businesses."

DevCafe events are scheduled once a month, and we invite you to join us at the next DevCafe #2. Follow our web and social networks. More information coming soon.


23 02/2020
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