More than HRK 14.000,00 raised for the Center for education and rehabilitation “Podravsko Sunce”

In the spirit of the holiday season and giving, Enter Koprivnica Ltd. organized a charity event for the Center for education and rehabilitation “Podravsko Sunce”!

Yesterday, 18.12.2019. in the Creative Industries Incubator, a humanitarian action was held to raise funds for the final equipment of the playground of the Center for education and rehabilitation “Podravsko Sunce”.

The event brought together companies from Koprivnica who were willing to prepare a package of products or services and sell them to the interested general public. All collected proceeds from the sale were donated to the Center for education and rehabilitation “Podravsko Sunce”.

23 entrepreneurs and craftsmen from Koprivnica were engaged in this charity event, and in addition to community support, this was also an opportunity to promote their range of products.

The success of the action is evidenced by the amount of donations collected - just over HRK 4.000,00 was raised through the sale of the products, and two companies made a direct financial donation - Marisha studio with HRK 400,00 and Krezić d.o.o. with HRK 10.000,00.

Companies that participated in the charity event are:

OPG Grošek
Vinoteka Bonum
TOS Peteranec
Medičarna Špičko
Moby Dick
Autentik spirit
Sana Delikatese
Marisha studio
Svijet mašte
Labor namještaj
Silver for you nakit
Krezić d.o.o.
Cvjećarna Luna
Brijačnica Glavom i bradom
No.1. Brico
Bead ItOn
Kozmetički salon Marija

Thanks to all who has participated in this charity event.

19 12/2019
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