Creative Mess in Incubator of Creative industries

On the premises of the Creative Industries Incubator in Koprivnica, the conference "Creative Mess" was organized yesterday, dedicated to atypical professions, new technologies and digital phenomena. The conference was organized by Enter Koprivnica as part of the SCALE SMEs project financed by the ERASUMS+ program.

The conference started with the presentation of the "SCALE SMEs - SCALing up in the creative industries for SMEs and self-employed" project. Enter is part of the project team that worked on the implementation of the project, which was designed with the intention of providing the creative and cultural sector with innovative tools that will allow them to expand their business, and be competitive and sustainable over time. The results of the Innovative tool, Handbook and the multilingual online platform - SCALE were presented to the participants. SCALE is an innovative training platform that provides marketing and management tools and resources selected specifically for the cultural and creative industries, and participants of the event were given instructions on how to access and use the platform. 

The first guest of the conference, Sanja Veletanlić, the initiator of GO2Human HUb, presented the profession of a virtual assistant. Participants of the conference learned how to become virtual assistants, what their tasks are and what characteristics a person who chooses this profession must have.

The podcast scene in Croatia is developing more and more, and one of the most popular is the Podcast Incubator. Ratko Martinović - author, publicist, TV presenter, blogger and journalist with many years of experience presented the Podcast Incubator and with his performance delighted the visitors and made them interested in this medium.
Boris Agatić, a data scientist and tech entrepreneur has been dealing with blockchain technology for years. He introduced the term NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and intrigued visitors with blockchain technology.

The last lecturer, Marija Budija Bingula, a certified KonMari consultant, brought order to this "Creative (dis)order" and presented the KonMari living space organization technique. Marija delighted the attendees with her lecture and presented her philosophy that a cleared and organized space enables focus on situations, events and tasks that are really important.

At the end of the event, a press conference was held where the SCALE SMEs project was presented. Project partners from Slovenia, Spain, Italy and Greece joined the event.

The project "SCALing up in the creative industries for SMEs and self-employed" is co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ program.

30 09/2022
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