ScaleSMEs project presented at SMARTUP program

Innovation has become mandatory in a society driven by new trends and changes. Innovation thus comes to every organization and provides new perspectives and creates new opportunities. It also develops new concepts by giving the innovator the opportunity to be proactive. Innovation culture in companies brings growth, new products and improvements, but also affects employee loyalty and satisfaction.

With this in mind, Enter Koprivnica organized the SMARTUP program, which will present the knowledge needed to drive innovation and creativity through many successful examples from different sectors. At the workshop held on April 7, 2022. participants learned about creative thinking, tools and techniques for finding new ideas.

At the very beginning of the workshop Mateja Horvat presented the Creative Industries Incubator and presented the ScaleSMEs project. She commented on the deliverables that will result from the project as well as the ongoing activities.

Experienced lecturer Tomislav Buljubašić held a workshop on creativity and how to stimulate it. Through the examples of well-known creatives and companies created on ideas he also presented the zero phase of the innovation process - the creation of ideas.

Apart from entrepreneurs, the audience also included students from the University of the North, and this workshop was extremely useful and interesting.

08 04/2022
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