Elproms company - new user of Living lab Koprivnica

The company Elproms is a new user of the Living Lab, owned by the City of Koprivnica, operationally managed by the Regional Energy Agency North.

The Living Lab project refers to the area of ​​the City of Koprivnica and includes facilities of the City of Koprivnica for which the City of Koprivnica is the founder or co-founder within which research and development various thematic areas are encouraged by creating and testing new ideas, technologies and services in a real environment.

Elproms is an IT company focused on creating solutions based on the Internet of things technology. The Company has three main business areas are: home automation (Smart Home) and upgrading of traffic infrastructure (Smart City), web platforms/applications for industry systems and smart sensors (Industry 4.0), modern event management solutions.

Elproms is actively involved in the digital transformation with two software solutions developed for the company - Improve Card and Qualy. These solutions enable companies to digitally transform their business, increase efficiency, save time and act environmentally friendly. Elproms is currently working on creating a home and industry automation system, that will increase the security and effectiveness of energy consumption.

As a new user of the Living Lab, Elproms company provides the Incubator with a PRO-S smart socket, which enables testing within the process of smart devices, measuring electricity consumption, measuring the deviation of the amount of electricity of connected devices, testing the sensitivity of touch keys and testing the visual impression of the system (for testing and Living lab project).

Creating software and hardware solutions for the company and individuals, Elproms is a desirable partner and participant in the development of the Croatian and world market, so they are more than welcome in Living Lab Koprivnica.

The project ECOS4IN is funded by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Program and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


03 05/2021
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