Association of Craftsmen of Koprivnica memorial day

Today, the Association of Craftsmen of Koprivnica marked the the Association of Craftsmen of Koprivnica day in the Incubator of Creative industries. This is a memorial to the day of the founding of the Association, October 29, 1967.

"I believe that it is always nice to celebrate, but we are trying to celebrate our anniversaries with work, and so it is this year as well. Likewise, I believe that today’s presentation is a turnaround in the business of our institutions because time always brings change. The Association of Craftsmen has been present in the economy of  Podravina since 1967 and we are therefore proud of our contribution all these years, "said Darko Frankol, president of the Association of Craftsmen Koprivnica.

Enter Koprivnica used this event to promote and present the Interreg project Region Arts, highlighted the specifics of the project and announced the upcoming event ICT meets the Arts. In addition to the above, Enter stated what is currently working on in relation to achieving the project objectives and mentioned the action plan and innovative character of the project. In this way, craftsmen could get an impression of what the goal of the project is and why we want to encourage cooperation between the IT and ART sectors.

"Everything that has happened, in the last year, we have never experienced in our modern history. All the then planned settings were no longer valid because we had established a battle with the invisible enemy as far as the health and economic area was concerned. Thanks to all craftsmen who showed high organization and discipline in those difficult times, they were less affected by the negative trends that hit us, "said Mayor Jaksic, noting that Koprivnica is one of the few cities in Croatia that has maintained the positive trend in the last few years, and all of that wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have a great Craftsmen’s Association.

"You are truly the best example of how crafts should function and how they should be encouraged and promoted in the time to come," concluded Mayor Mišel Jakšić when addressing the craftsmen present.

The podcast called "Ignorance is expensive" was presented to the audience by Jasmina Markota, secretary of the Association of Craftsmen of Koprivnica. It is a presentation of ways of communication adapted to today's trends related to competition survival in the market.

The RegionArts project (Enhancing SME growth by integration of Artists in ICT projects) is funded through the INTERREG EUROPE program The project involves 8 partners from 7 countries, and the value of the project is 1,635,670.00.  This article is the sole responsibility of Enter Koprivnica.

29 10/2020
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