Digital Europe 2021-2027 program – opportunity for business digitization

Representatives of DIH North participated in the Info Day on the Establishment of the European Digital Innovation Centers (EDIH) on Thursday, July 23, 2020, at the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

DIH North was founded in 2017 by three partners - Technology Park Varaždin, Technology Innovation Center Međimurje and Enter Koprivnica. Through the activities of DIH, they want to support industries that are of strategic importance in the partner regions. ENTER focuses on connecting different industries with professionals with an emphasis on the creative industries sector. TPVŽ is focused on services related to IoT and creative industries with an emphasis on the audio-visual and IT sector and renewable energy sources. TICM offers services for the metal industry, IT industry and the automotive industry. During Info day participants got opportunity to present project that they implement so Enter presented the RegionArts and ECOS4IN projects.

State Secretary Mario Antonić opened the Info Day, introduced the importance of the new European Union program Digital Europe 2021-2027. and key information on the possibilities of establishing and financing European Digital Innovation Centers (EDIH) in Croatia.

Twelve Croatian potential applicants with competencies in the field of artificial intelligence, high performance computing (HPC) and cyber security presented their activities at the information day. The EDIH network will promote digital transformation and implement various services to increase the application of digital technologies in enterprises, primarily SMEs, government bodies and other stakeholders. Mr. Sandro D'Elia, representative of the European Commission present basic conditions of the future call from the Digital Europe 2021-2027.

Representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts presented key guidelines for a future call to select Croatian centers that can apply to the European Commission's call for EDIH funding.

24 07/2020