Team from Enter Koprivnica won the third CODEFEST powered by A1 and won valuable prizes

For the third time, the Enter Koprivnica Ltd. was the organizer of the “CODEFEST” competition. This 24-hour competition was held on 24. and 25.05.2019. at the Dom mladih in Koprivnica. Like every year, teams have faced problem-solving by programming, thus fighting to win valuable prizes. The newness of this year's competition was the pre-announced assignment. Created in collaboration with A1 and designed with the help of other mentors, it has been focused on solving telecommunication problems with innovative technological solutions in the field of machine learning. The six applied teams had 24 hours to network, form ideas, have fun and win great prizes.

With its innovative solution and excellent presentation, the “Codebox i plaćenici” team (Filip Stojić, Martin Kolarić, Antonio Novak) delighted a jury of mentors and sponsors and were rewarded for their solutions with a first prize of HRK 10.000,00. "The impressions are more than positive; we applied only for curiosity and learning because we didn’t encounter machine learning in our work. The task was quite demanding, especially since there was not much time and graphical input. We had a lot of ups and downs during the competition - everything went smoothly and we thought we would solve everything quickly and easily, getting stuck in one place for hours and thinking it was time to pack our gear and go home. In the end everything ended up being the best way possible. In 24 hours we were able to program and learn a lot, have fun and in the end won everything, which we were extremely proud of”, said Martin Kolarić, a member of the winning team.

The second placed “Green light” team (Emanuel Guberović, Luka Matošević) was awarded with IN2 group sponsor award worth HRK 4.000,00, while Hangar 18 sponsored the third placed team “7.92” (Enzo Vituri, Matija Žinić, Danijel Turić, Rene Maruševec), with valuable IT equipment, who was also awarded with a visit to Infinum. The teams were mostly made up of former and current students of Faculty of organisation and informatics Varaždin and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, whom this type of competition is great for sharing knowledge, networking and learning new things.

"It was a great pleasure for me to participate in this year's Codefest. Given the complexity of the task and the short time, we didn’t know what to expect, so we were pleasantly surprised by the quality and combat character of all the teams involved. In those 24 hours, we went through all the stages with them, from the euphoria of being convinced that they would be done quickly, to the "down" moments when things didn't go as they had intended. All in all, this was a wonderful experience for me and an opportunity to meet really excellent programmers and future experts in machine learning”, said mentor Izeta Samardžić in front of  the A1.

CODEFEST 2019 was sponsored by numerous sponsors (A1, IN2 group, Hangar 18, Infinum, City of Koprivnica, Komunalac, Pan, Prima furniture, media sponsor: ePodravina), and throughout the competition teams were supported by expert mentors (A1, IN2 group, Avoco, Void Main, Inducta).

“Our desire is to motivate young people from Koprivnica to decide on a career in the IT sector, and to bring them closer to the needs of the market and to show them what is needed in the labour market today. IT and programming is not just about writing a code, it takes teamwork and a creative approach to problem solving. The innovative ideas that come out of this type of competition help the job seekers stand out in the job market and point out to potential employers the resources they need to invest in. In the end, we are proud to say that CODEFEST competitions also contributed to Koprivnica's prominence in the IT scene of Croatia ”- said Marina Mak in front of the organizer of the competition, Enter Koprivnica Ltd.

31 05/2019
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