Designing support measures promoting connections between artists and ICT

The RegionArts project seeks to strenghten the competitiveness of SMEs by developing new strategies to combine technological development with artistic and creative talent, fostering cross-functional mindset and interdisciplinary collaboration. The goal is to make use of the enabled synergies to increase the innovation potential of SMEs, a fundemental keystone of competitiveness.

This Policy Booklet aims to disseminate some of the lessons learned and insights during the project activities, focusing on Good Practices from the project partners' regions. The list of practices in the booklet is not exhaustive - there are many more good practices that could be presented (and some of which will be available online in the project site).

Region Arts (Enhancing SME growth through the integration of Artists in ICT projects) was funded through the INTERREG EUROPE program. The project involves 8 partners from 7 countries, and the project value is € 1,635,670.00.

Here is the Booklet 2


02 06/2020
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