Education "Introduce yourself and your business in 60 seconds" filled the hall

On Tuesday 12/11/2019. In the Creative Industries Incubator, training was held "Introduce yourself and your business in 60 seconds - create a winning pitch" in collaboration with Marina Kolar & Konekta.

The importance of a first impression was discussed because on the basis of it people can decide if they want to cooperate. The first impression is made online and offline. If you only have 1 minute to present, focus on the problem you, your product, service or business are solving. Briefly introduce yourself and your business, and focus only on what matters at that moment. Grab your attention, explain what problem you are recognizing, and familiarize your customers with your solution. What are you doing differently or better than the others that you are proud of?

Each pitch has its own goal. Sell, collaborate, or get someone to talk to you for more information, stand out, and offer your own reminder or flyer.

High attendance at education also resulted in new contacts and networking of participants.

13 11/2019
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